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If your business depends on a steady stream of patients, we need to talk.  Discover how Ad Nerds Media can position your healthcare practice in front of the right audience at the right time. 

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Does your plastic surgery center need more patients?  Our digital ad nerds can create a custom plan for you.

Chiro Marketing

Chiropractor Marketing

Right now, there are people in pain that need a chiropractor.  But is your practice the one they find?  Call Today

Dentist Marketing

Dentist Marketing

Your dental office needs more patients.  But what can you do?  Well, you should let the Ad Nerds handle it of course.

Assisted Living Marketing

Assisted Living Marketing

Finding your ideal homebuyer or seller on Facebook can be difficult.  Luckily, we know how to target the right audience/s.

Urgent Care Walkin Clinic Marketing

Urgent Care Facilities

Are you wasting clicks and impressions on irrelevant traffic?  Experiencing high CPC and low QS?  Let's talk.

Weight Loss Clinic Marketing

Weight Loss Clinics

Not getting leads?  Find out if you're wasting your digital ad spend.  Absolutely, free consultation.

Brian Rowland, Founder, AdNerds Media

Brian Rowland

Ad Nerds Media

About the Founder

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2008, when I first discovered internet marketing. I've since built niche media properties that gain millions of pageviews per month and helped build multi-million dollar companies.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

We expanded our partnership with Brian after realizing his talent for driving organic search traffic. He creates high-quality content complete with on-page optimizations for search discovery. He has also consistently managed to improve rank and increase traffic on target terms.

Rob Cooney
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've had the pleasure to work with Brian for a few years. He manages our account and makes sure we are receiving the best results for our money. Very creative and full of ideas to maintain a monthly campaign profitable! He is very knowledgeable, and makes it all sound easy. Thank you Brian!

Robson Lopes